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New events

It's been a while since we've done an update. We're still having goosebumps of your presence at Oxia and Monika Kruse!

Times are hard right now: a lot of organisors are searching for the best locations, best artists and best times to throw a party. Which makes it hard to find a perfect fit. But,.. that being said: we want to keep our relationship tight and have a great event coming for you. We won't tell you all about it except it involves water, hopefully good weather and the date to mark in your agenda's is Sunday, 18th of september 15:00 till 21:00!

More info & ticketsales will be released tomorrow!

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About Tunnelvisie

In 2013 we kicked off at the Apostelhoeve, a small start that would later grow into larger events in which ONNO, Patlac, Florian Frings, Maximiljan, Ramon Tapia and Marco Bailey, among others, provided the tastiest techno and tech-house beats. Tunnelvisie guarantees cozy, intimate parties with the best music.

After a period of radio silence we are back, looking for the right artists for the right night. So we're proud to tell all of you: WE ARE BACK!

After a small start with our Neon Night, we have the one and only Monika Kruse. Due to covid measures, our Monika Kruse event has been post-poned until further notice.