TUNNELVISIE w/ Ramon Tapia, ONNO, Hermanez, Maximiljan

TUNNELVISIE w/ Ramon Tapia, ONNO, Hermanez, Maximiljan


24 May, 2014
Club Panama, Amsterdam

■ ___INFO___■
After the massive success from the last Tunnelvisie edition, we got invited by Club Panama to host our second edition! Tunnelvisie is coming to Amsterdam! To show Amsterdam what Maastricht’s got, we’ll present them some of the world’s, but most of all OUR finest dj’s!

To make sure Amsterdam will never forget us, we will present the following Dj’s.

■ ___MAIN ROOM___■
◘ Ramon Tapia (BE, Say What?)
◘ Hermanez (BE, Aella Music)
◘ ONNO (NL, Moon Harbour/Get Physical)
◘ Maximiljan (DE, Mobilee/Noir)
◘ Calapez (POR) liveset
◘ Circus 43 (NL)

■ ___MIRROR ROOM___■
◘ Piotr & Zhan (NL)
◘ Nick Vallon & Komloski (BE)
◘ Serviontos (NL)
◘ Mick Save & Sloeber (NL)

You might have heard more than you think about him. Not only is his name on many line-up’s, but he also has numerous productions you might have heard. We’re talking about Maximiljan. This first name on our line-up is an established name when it comes to his productions. This night he will definitely show why!

The next two names don’t need any further introduction. The first one played at the first Tunnelvisie edition and the second one plays in March at Influence! Both are well known names in the House world and many of you might have seen them before. But not together! That’s why Ramon Tapia & Hermanez will blow our minds with a B2B set!

This Dutchman has taken his heavy bass blend house and techno to clubs across both America and Europe. Venues like Panorama Bar, Watergate and festivals as Welcome to the Future, Fusion and Awakefest have all been rocked by the sets of no-one less than ONNO! Now it’s time for him to rock club Panama with us!

Further we have Maastricht’s favourite Amsterdam based duo Piotr & Zhan again. They took the Il Cavo to the next level, and we expect them to do the same with Club Panama. Who also took the Il Cavo to higher grounds was our Portuguese friend Calapez. We’re glad we have him over again in Amsterdam! We’re also inviting our Belgium friends from Floorfiller Nick Vallon and Komloski. Of course we’re going to show Amsterdam some of our own and Influence finest: Circus 43, Serviontos and Mick Save & Sloeber.

■ ___TICKETS___■
Extra Early birds: SOLD OUT!!!
Early birds: SOLD OUT!!!
Regular birds: 10,00
Lazy birds: 15,00

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■ ___EXTRA___■
◘ Visual/Motion Graphics by WallFiller
◘ Pictures & aftermovie by Guy Houben Productions & Photography & AppieTV

Due to the fact that no-one parties like you guys, we’ll make sure that you will get to Amsterdam with us. We’re going to rent a bus, for more information look here: